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A Flood of Emotion at Nova’s Ark

Blog: A Flood of Emotion at Nova’s Ark 

On Monday April 9th outside Brooklin ON, we had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful people and animals at Nova's Ark.  I never realized just how emotional I would become upon arrival.

The expansive grounds at Nova’s Ark are home to a wide array of animals and are meant to offer a welcoming, positive environment for youth and adults with special needs. The organization’s founder, Mary-Ann Nova along with volunteer mentors and therapists are committed to providing social and communication opportunities for people of all ages and abilities through interaction with their gentle therapy animals.

Local Food for Local Good Cultivates Happiness

Blog: Local Food for Local Good Cultivates Happiness

Local Food for Local Good works to achieve a positive impact in the communities we serve by increasing awareness of local sustainable food and healthy eating habits, coordinating neighbourhood food networks and advocating for the accessibility and affordability of healthy food for everyone.  Through the support we received through Heartland and iHeartCommunity Fund we were able to run a series of food literacy workshops through our Cultivate School, which educates people about where their food is grown, how they can access it and what they can do with the food that is grown in their community.  Because of this generous gift we were able to offer nearly 10 hours of educational programming reaching nearly 600 people.  Thank you Heartland and the iHeart Community Fund for helping us do good things with local food!

Growing Food and Community in Northern Ontario

Blog: Growing Food and Community in Northern Ontario

At the end of the season in 2016, after 9 years growing vegetables at our original Urban Farm site, Roots to Harvest was given notice by the landowners that they were going to develop the property into small townhomes. Though this had always been a possibility, it was still hard to not feel a little bit at a loss. For 9 years we had developed that site, built the soil and tended the land there. More than that, we had become part of the fabric of the neighbourhood. That site was a space where people from all walks of life came together and a community was strengthened around it. 

Still, the search for a new site began. 

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