A Flood of Emotion at Nova’s Ark

Blog: A Flood of Emotion at Nova’s Ark 

On Monday April 9th outside Brooklin ON, we had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful people and animals at Nova's Ark.  I never realized just how emotional I would become upon arrival.

The expansive grounds at Nova’s Ark are home to a wide array of animals and are meant to offer a welcoming, positive environment for youth and adults with special needs. The organization’s founder, Mary-Ann Nova along with volunteer mentors and therapists are committed to providing social and communication opportunities for people of all ages and abilities through interaction with their gentle therapy animals.

Knowing the important mission Nova’s Ark is carrying out in the community, local insurance brokerage, Sentinel Risk advocated for Nova’s Ark to receive funding from Heartland’s iHeartCommunity Fund. The $5,000 donation to Nova’s Ark was gratefully accepted to help to construct wooden pathways in their forested area, creating a unique gathering space that will facilitate socialization and a connection with nature.

Listening to the stories about all of the great work they do was an emotional experience for everyone involved and one I will not soon forget.

-Diana Moore, Heartland Farm Mutual