Giving Embro’s Community Spirit a Lift!

Blog: Giving Embro's Community Spirit a Lift!

Saturday, January 20, 2018 marked the first official ride in the new glass elevator at the Embro Olde Town Hall, allowing the building to become an accessible venue for the local Thistle Theatre production group.

The historic structure which also houses the Embro Public Library, is utilized year round for everything from weddings to plays to a local meeting place. Thanks in part to Heartland agent Mary Ellen Garner’s application to the iHeartCommunity Fund, the addition of the elevator means more patrons can attend events held on the upper floors.

A red carpet worthy crowd of local dignitaries including the Mayor of Zorra Township, Margaret Lupton and Ernie Hardeman, Oxford County MPP attended the ribbon cutting ceremony along with Thistle Theatre board members Donald Hilborn, Robert Brown, Doug Turvey, Harold Arbuckle, Sam Coghlan, and Wendy Marshall.

More than just an elevator, this project helps bring residents together to enjoy local arts & culture, and other social activities. It also allows a beautiful historic building to remain a vital part of the community. After all, these are the things that make up the character and charm of small towns, like Embro! 

The Thistle Theatre is currently working on its production of Kai The Barbarian, to run in March 2018. This play is particularly near and dear to the community as it focuses on the George Leslie MacKay Story “A Zorra lad, born 174 years ago, who is still a national hero in Taiwan”. The show…and the elevator…are sure to provide an uplifting experience!