Help Is On The Way

Paisley Fire Department

Blog: Help Is On The Way!

The Paisley Fire Department (comprised of 25 volunteer men & women) serves their community in many different ways. One of those ways is providing medical care when ambulance services are delayed due to the distance from the closest ambulance service/hospital. In order to be successful in providing quality service, they need to train on a regular basis. They are fortunate enough to have a number of medically trained staff, including 2 full time paramedics on the fire department, so their training is of the highest quality. Until now, many of their training exercises were carried out using old hose, duct taped together to simulate rescues.

With the money donated to the Paisley Fire Department by the iHeart Community Fund; the fire department was able to purchase two realistic, up-to-date training mannequins (including one that is weighted to 200lbs). They can be used to simulate a variety of calls including – cardiac arrests, heart attacks, shortness of breath, unconscious patients etc., - which are common calls they are called out to. As well as being used in motor vehicle accident training and search and rescue.

The Fire Department really appreciates the opportunity to have made this purchase with the help of the iHeart Community funding.

Nancy Sharma, Brokerlink