Farm & Commercial Risk Management

Today’s farm and commercial operations are becoming larger and more sophisticated, so integrating a risk management program is essential to keeping things running smoothly, and safely.  Many losses or disruptions can be avoided with regular inspection of your property, machinery, heating, electrical and drainage systems, etc.

This value-added service sets us apart from other insurers by providing you access to unmatched expertise, training and experience.

Our Approach

Heartland uses the latest technology and trained personnel to provide a comprehensive assessment. Our approach to risk management includes:


We work closely with you and your broker or agent to plan and schedule our visit, to share information, and to help coordinate any follow up activity.


We are professionally certified in a number of disciplines, with extensive experience and training in specific types of operations, such as:

  • Dairy, poultry, equine, hog, etc.
  • Grain facilities
  • Bio-digesters
  • Solar panels
  • Processing systems


We understand your concerns regarding the spread of disease. Our farm inspectors follow a strict bio-security protocol to limit the risk of contamination on and between farms. We can ensure a convenient, safe and productive visit by working with each farmer or business owner prior to the inspection

Thermal Imaging

Heartland is at the forefront of loss prevention with the use of thermo-graphic cameras. These infrared cameras can be used to see increased (or decreased) heat signatures in electrical panels, structures, machinery and other areas of concern. Using this technology we can identify abnormalities and imminent hazards that could otherwise go undetected.


Using tablet-based report generating  tools, we can provide immediate feedback on any findings and make recommendations based on the level of risk posed.

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