The Mutual Difference

Heartland Farm Mutual Is Right Here In Your Community.

Whether you’re a farmer, homeowner, or business owner, today, more than ever, people like you appreciate the value of the mutual insurance alternative. Here’s why:

  • You share in our success. We are an all-Canadian company, owned by our policyholders. Instead of paying profits to outside shareholders, they are retained for the benefit of policyholders.
  • Staffed by people you know. Heartland representatives and staff aren’t faceless names working in a far-off office tower. They are local residents, caring people who know your name, not just your policy number.
  • Directed by fellow policyholders. In fact, even the company’s directors are fellow policyholders elected from the local communities. Some are even your friends and neighbours, so you can be sure they’ll act in everyone’s best interests.
  • Our service is more than just professional, it’s personal, the kind of prompt, professional and friendly attention you’d expect from someone you know. What an advantage when choosing your insurance coverage, managing your insurance risks or using our claims services!

Mutual companies retain their profits for future growth and investment such as upgrading their technology and products to remain competitive. There is no distribution of income such as payments of dividends to stockholders. Expenses consist of claims payments plus administration expenses to operate the company.

There are only two sources of income for a purely mutual insurance company – policyholder premiums and investment income from the investment of surplus funds. The simple goal is to provide for the needs of the owning policyholders while ensuring the mutual remains financially stable.

Why Does It Matter Who Owns Your Insurance Company? 

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